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Episode 70: {GEIP} Personal Progress Update


Over the course of this podcast, Shannon and Janine have made some commitments to changing various things in their lives, inspired by insights in various episodes. In this episode, we update you on how (or whether) we’ve managed to do the things we thought we’d do.

Discussion topics include:

  • A tornado in Portland!
  • Our (new) commitment to keeping a list of these commitments so we don’t forget about them
  • Janine’s re-energized knitting and Shannon’s happy t-shirt drawer
  • How it’s okay to change our minds
  • How the problem with a bad memory is not actually having a bad memory but rather worrying about having a bad memory
  • The amazingly good memories both Shannon and Janine enjoyed when we were young
  • What Shannon does when she can’t remember someone’s name
  • A workshop Shannon’s planning to offer in Phoenix about embracing good enough in your writing or creative practices
  • Our plea to let us know you’re a listener if we ever see you in person
  • Shannon’s strategies for getting back to her morning routine

We gave updates on these commitments:

  • Janine’s knitting, from Episode 65
  • Shannon’s t-shirt drawer also, from Episode 65
  • Janine’s desire to become more handy, from Episode 60
  • Shannon’s desire to stop labeling herself as a person with a bad memory, also from Episode 60
  • Both Shannon and Janine’s desire to become better at asking for help, from Episode 17
  • How Janine practiced saying no (to Shannon!), from Episode 53
  • Shannon’s progress on her genealogy and inherited items, from Episode 20
  • Shannon’s struggles with her morning routine, from Episode 11 (among others)


  • The tornado that did actually touch down briefly in Portland in September.
Here are a couple of photos of things we talked about in this episode. Janine’s cowl that she finished the day we recorded:
Shannon’s archival boxes for her inherited genealogical documents:
Shannon’s t-shirt drawer (she misses the sorting by color of the graphic Ts, but likes being able to see which shirts she isn’t wearing):
Shannon's T-shirt Drawer
Shannon’s morning routine tracking page she started after recording this episode (she only gets the square if she does the item in the morning, so it looks more like a reverse crossword puzzle than she’d like!):
Shannon's morning routine tracking page in her bullet journal

4 thoughts on “Episode 70: {GEIP} Personal Progress Update”

    1. My biggest takeaway from this podcast was the idea of setting up a Commitments page in my Evernote so that I may log the commitments I make each week in a couple of meetings that I go to. We go around the room and state our commitments for what we are going to do that week, and I am constantly saying, “I don’t remember what commitment I made!” Aaarrrggghhh!!! So now I have made up a Commitments page that defaults to the top of my Evernote screen and I have a place to track them. Better than that, they are actually getting done!

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