About your Hosts

Welcome to Getting to Good Enough!

Shannon Wilkinson & Janine Adams
We’re your co-hosts, Janine Adams and Shannon Wilkinson. We’ve been friends and colleagues for many years and have previously joined forces to create a number of online classes and in-person workshops. One of the things we’ve noticed over and over with our clients is how a tendency towards perfectionism can get in the way of enjoying life and doing the things that really matter. That’s why we decided to create Getting to Good Enough.

More about us:

Janine Adams

Janine Adams is a certified professional organizer and owner of Peace of Mind Organizing®, which she founded in 2005. She helps clients create order, harmony and peace of mind by helping them declutter, organize and create new systems and routines.

Janine works with clients throughout the St. Louis metro area, as well as other parts of the country, and specializes in leading organizing teams to create swift and dramatic changes in her clients’ homes.


Shannon Wilkinson

Shannon Wilkinson has been a life coach since 2003. She uses mind-bending tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis to help clients change their minds, change their behaviors, and ultimately, change their world.

Shannon works with clients all over the world to find focus, get clear and maintain momentum. Her clients have written books, run marathons, started and grown world-changing businesses, become better parents and partners, and much more.