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Episode 69: Social Media

For many people social media can be a source of stress (even depression), rather than enjoyment, when it triggers perfectionistic tendencies. But it’s within your power to make your social media feed a source of happiness and fun, not feelings of inadequacy or envy. In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss strategies for making social media more enjoyable and productive.

Discussion topics include:

  • One of our superfans, Shannon’s husband Mike, and how he implemented one of our suggestions
  • How we’d love to hear from listeners who have implemented any of our suggestions from the podcast
  • How social media can trigger perfectionistic tendencies
  • Some of social media’s good points: animal videos
  • And some of social media’s bad points: How images of seemingly perfect lives can set up unrealistic expectations
  • How much of the perfectionism we see on social media is deceptive
  • The perils of comparing your insides to someone else’s outsides
  • Ways to curate a healthier social media feed
  • How there’s no right way to do social media
  • How Shannon is using social media in a way that’s supporting her cartooning endeavors
  • Janine’s low-key strategy for doing social media for her business
  • Getting in touch with why social media is important to you to decide how to experience it


2 thoughts on “Episode 69: Social Media”

  1. I don’t use social media very much because I find it is a giant time suck. Plus I believe 5% of what people post on their accounts…no one’s life is that perfect! That being said, however, I did “follow” you on Facebook, Janine, just now. I heard “Dog videos. Cat videos. Interspecies videos.” I thought, where do I sign up??? Loved the video of the baby bears crawling out of the dumpster. And the video of the Frenchie dancing plus the one of one Frenchie bullying another for food were too adorable for words!

    Regarding how GTGE is working in my life, I find myself thinking “Is this good enough?” more than “Is this perfect?” so much more often since I’ve been listening to your podcast. It has caused me to release some of my Analysis Paralysis and actually get things done! I have downloaded the goal-setting teleclass (from Episode 30) and have set an appointment with myself to listen/watch (whichever it is) either this Sunday night or next Sunday night and do a Fourth Quarter Good-Enough Goal-Setting session. I am looking forward to it!

    1. So powerful to change the question you ask yourself, Christy. We’ll be excited to hear how your Good Enough Goal Setting goes!

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