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Episode 71: Reframing

If you’re feeling stuck or find yourself putting things off or resenting what others say, we have what might be a simple solution: Reframing! This week, Janine and Shannon discuss the power of changing the words you use to describe something.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s excitement over the American Ninja Warrior season finale
  • Changing what words mean to change your experience with them
  • “Have to” versus “Get to” or “Choose to”
  • Reframing annoying or hurtful things people say to you by recognizing the positive intention behind the comments
  • Renaming things that make us anxious or perfectionistic
  • Using positive words to feel better about the items on your task list
  • “Move your body” vs “exercise”
  • The steps for reframing: Look at the situation, understand what your deeper intention is and find the language that reflects that
  • Using reframing as an anti-procrastination tool
  • “Procrastinator” versus “just-in-time producer” and how that reframing might have improved our lives when we were freelance writers
  • Trusting yourself and your capabilities
  • When to use reframing


2 thoughts on “Episode 71: Reframing”

  1. I think reframing is a very important skill for me. I found that using AA’s Serenity Prayer helps to deal with unpleasant things. When my boyfriend of four years broke up with me in June, I used that prayer to cope because I clearly needed “serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” We have remained friends and now I look upon our time together as “four wonderful years with one bad day” rather than feeling like our entire relationship was ruined.

    I use reframing a lot. Some people may think it is Pollyanna-ish to change the way you think about things. I think of it as an important life skill.

    1. What a wonderful way to reframe the end of your relationship. We’re definitely in the “important life skill” camp with you, Christy!

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