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Episode 11: Morning Routines

The routine things we do every morning can help shape our day. Janine is the queen of morning routines while Shannon strives for a better one. In this episode Shanon and Janine discuss the hows and whys of building a strong morning routine.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s very established morning routine
  • How Shannon’s kitten, Cleo, is helping her create a new morning routine
  • Linking new habits to old habits to create a routine
  • Deciding what to put in your morning routine (hint: start small and easy)
  • Why morning routines are so important
  • Janine and Shannon’s outrageously helpful dishwasher routine
  • How Shannon is planning to create a better morning routine


1 thought on “Episode 11: Morning Routines”

  1. Good morning! I have enjoyed listening to this podcast on morning routines. I was encouraged by a therapist back in October to write down all the things I do each morning, after work, and bedtime so that I can have set routines. Here is my morning routine which looks unbelievably long but a lot of the line items only take a few minutes each. Oh! and I love my cordless stick vacuum, too. Mine’s just a shark but it helps me to keep up with the dog hair everyday.

    – Wake up two hours before work starts
    – Pee
    – Walk BearCub
    – Feed BearCub
    – TAKE MEDS—Take (undisclosed)
    – Check blood sugar
    – Make the bed
    – Shower
    – Tidy bathroom
    – Dress
    – Cook
    – Eat breakfast
    – Empty dishwasher if needed
    – Wash dishes
    – Tidy kitchen
    – Brush teeth
    – Floss
    – Use mouthwash
    – TAKE MEDS—Take (undisclosed)
    – TAKE MEDS—Take (undisclosed)
    – Turn on TV
    – Check weather
    – Write book for one hour
    – Watch Colbert if time
    – TAKE MEDS-Take {undisclosed)
    – Fix myself a drink
    – Sit down for work on time
    – Log in
    – Begin workday
    – Strive for Inbox Zero for work and personal email

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