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Episode 251: Start Simple

Shannon’s back from Italy and we’re running some episodes we recorded before she left. This week, Shannon and Janine are talking about the beauty of taking a simple approach to starting something and how that can be challenging for perfectionists.

Discussion topics include:

  • Our virtual retreat to plan our YNAB coaching practices (simpler than trying to figure out how to work together in person)
  • How starting simple can help you actually get started on a project
  • Leaving open the possibility for change when you’re starting something
  • Applying this concept to decluttering your closet
  • How Janine made starting her car-buying process very simple by buying what Shannon had
  • The beauty of narrowing down your options (and how Shannon accomplished that when she built her most recent house)
  • How starting simple can make a project feel less overwhelming
  • Remember: it’s not necessary to plan every single step of a project before you start it (something that perfectionists tend to want to do)
  • How you can get more information with each step of a project (after you get started)
  • Starting simple by guessing
  • Figuring out what barriers need to be taken away to allow you to get started
  • Getting past the “What If?”
  • Recognizing that what feels simple to one person may not feel simple to someone else


2 thoughts on “Episode 251: Start Simple”

  1. The podcast just stops at about 11:39. The go/stop, forward 15, back 15 buttons don’t work at that point (although they worked before I reached that point). I have tried reopening the podcast from the email link twice, but each time it has stopped at the same place.

    1. Oh no! We can’t seem to replicate that error — playback is working as expected on our computers. Perhaps clearing your cache and then reloading the page or trying a different browser or device?

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