Show Notes

Episode 199: Considering an Electric Car

Both Shannon and Janine drive a Nissan LEAF, the SL Plus trim. It’s a 100 percent electric vehicle (EV) and we think it’s 100 percent awesome. It’s not a coincidence that we drive the same car: Janine bought one after Shannon raved about hers (and answered all her questions). We love our EVs and we want to help you open your mind to considering one! We talk all about it in this week’s episode.

Discussion topics include:

  • Our love for our Nissan LEAFs
  • How Janine letting buying her electric car (very) easy
  • How the price of gas is making buying an EV even more attractive
  • The options for charging in Janine’s garage
  • How (relatively) hassle-free charging in public chargers has been for Janine
  • Shannon’s charging strategy since she doesn’t have a charger at her home
  • How surprisingly cheap it is to charge our electric cars
  • Shannon’s terrific neighbor who offered up her charger
  • Shannon’s future plans for charging her car at home
  • Tax incentives for electric cars and plug-in hybrids
  • Some of the trickier (and fun) aspects of driving an EV
  • Our opinion that buying an electric car is not as hard as people seem to think
  • Our offer to help any of our listeners who want help or advice on buying an electric car


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