Show Notes

Episode 252: Taking the Win


Why is it so hard to acknowledge our small victories? In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss taking the win and how it’s good for our productivity (and our health!).

Discussion topics include:

  • How it can be hard to accept that what you’ve done is valuable and counts even if it’s not perfect
  • The idea that if you feel good about what you’ve done you might slack off
  • Would you play a game on your phone if all it did was buzz you when you got something wrong?
  • How the things that are most addictive are the things that are rewarding you constantly for doing something
  • If we talk to our friends the way we tend to talk to ourselves, we wouldn’t have a lot of friends
  • Remember: Everything counts (even the easy stuff)! You can still take the win.
  • A good companion to your to-do list: A “Done” list
  • Paying attention to the areas where you could be kinder to yourself and feel good about what you’ve done
  • How taking the win can help you get more done
  • Accepting compliments (and taking them in)
  • The person who gave us the idea for this topic: Shannon’s husband, Mike!

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