Show Notes

Episode 250: Feeling Good About Good Enough (Redux)

It’s our 250th episode! This week we’re re-running an episode from May 2021, almost exactly two years ago. Next week, keep an eye out for a new episode.

Getting comfortable with stopping at good enough (rather than pursuing perfection) can be tough for some people. But it can also be really beneficial. This week Janine and Shannon talk about how and why to feel good about good enough.

Discussion topics include:

  • Embracing the goodness of “good enough”
  • Rejecting the negative connotations of “good enough” and “taking the easy way out”
  • The journey of getting comfortable with good enough
  • How Shannon was able to get more comfortable with good enough a little at a time
  • Questioning the thoughts you have about perfectionism to make it easier to embrace good enough
  • Paying attention to progress (and feeling good about progress), rather than trying to do something perfectly
  • Being okay with what’s reasonable as opposed to striving for the unreasonable expectation of perfection
  • Practicing feeling good about good enough in every day life
  • Shannon’s practice of feeling good about good enough (and working little and often) in her garden-clean-up efforts
  • Shannon’s good-enough lawn mowing practice
  • The beauty of being able to walk away from something knowing that it’s goof enough (if not perfect)
  • Saving bandwidth by embracing good enough
  • Being kind to yourself about having a bad memory

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