Show Notes

Episode 243: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Having fun is important! In this laughter-infused episode, Shannon and Janine have fun discussing how to prioritize fun and adding fun to every day life.

Discussion topics include:

  • Our criterion for continuing with our podcast: We’ll keep doing it as long as we’re having fun
  • How fun is different for different people
  • We agree: Things are fun when laughter is involved
  • Things can be fun without laughter too!
  • Fun with jigsaw puzzles
  • Janine’s upcoming trip to Australia to attend a super-fun live-music-centric wedding party
  • All the fun dancing at Shannon’s wedding
  • How your attitude can affect how much fun you have
  • Understanding what fun is for you and incorporating it into your life
  • Making day-to-day stuff more fun
  • Janine’s dog Bix, the Fun Enforcer (and how perhaps she should change her attitude about it)
  • Letting things be fun
  • Shannon’s cat, Cleo, who thinks being chased is very fun
  • The psychological and physical benefits of having fun
  • Prioritizing fun
  • Janine and Shannon’s obsession with the TV show Station 19
  • How things are more fun when you share them
  • How YNAB has made budgeting fun
  • Finding fun ways to do the things you need to do (Zumba class vs step aerobics, for example)
  • Gamification
  • The fun reward of gold stars


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