Show Notes

Episode 242: It’s Okay to Be Imperfect

One of the hardest parts about perfectionism is that it can mess with your feelings of self worth. In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss how your value as a person has nothing to do with how perfectly you do things.

Discussion topics include:

  • Early spring in Portland and St. Louis!
  • One of the difficult things about perfectionism: Feeling bad about not being able to be perfect
  • How some people can really beat themselves up over imperfection
  • How hard it is to get over this when you’re caught up in it
  • The valuable message from KC Davis of Struggle Care
  • How a messy house is value neutral
  • Starting to consider the possibility that your struggles don’t make you a bad person
  • How your worth doesn’t change based on how perfectly you do things
  • How recognizing that your actions don’t define you can calm down your nervous system
  • The debilitating effect of letting perfectionism dictate your self worth
  • How things can be organized and still a little messy
  • Thinking of yourself as a good person independent of the state of things around you or your unfinished task list
  • Entertaining the idea that it’s okay to be imperfect
  • The heart of our podcast: We want people to feel good about themselves and be okay with however they are

Here’s a photo of the card Shannon painted featuring the early-blooming daphne in her yard. It bloomed in January!



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