Show Notes

Episode 244: We’re YNAB Budgeting Coaches!

Squee! Janine and Shannon have exciting news to share: We’ve both completed a training program to earn the certification YNAB Certified Budgeting Coaches. We’re very excited to coach people so they can benefit from this unique budgeting methodology and software as we have. This week we talk all about why we love YNAB (You Need a Budget).

Discussion topics include:

  • We’ve finished our certification program and are now YNAB Certified Budgeting Coaches
  • We learned so much!
  • What’s YNAB? It’s You Need A Budget, a methodology and software for budgeting. We love it.
  • How the training program gave us a deeper knowledge of both the methodology and software
  • How YNAB’s Rule Three: Roll with the Punches appeals to the “good enough” in us!
  • The baked-in expectation that you will change things in your YNAB budget
  • A key component of YNAB: You budget only money that you have
  • The similarities between YNAB and an envelope system of spending
  • A major YNAB goal: Get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle
  • The peace of mind YNAB has given Janine while she and her husband plan the financial implications of his retirement
  • How YNAB is helpful for people with lower and higher incomes (and everyone in between)
  • How YNAB is useful for both getting out of debt and saving money
  • The two-person virtual YNAB retreat that Shannon and Janine are planning
  • The joy of having a new focus
  • Shannon’s 20th anniversary as a life coach!
  • Our plan to talk about YNAB monthly in this podcast
  • The freedom of having clarity around your finances


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