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Episode 182: Gamification

We’re all about the fun this week as we discuss gamification as a way to make tasks more fun and enjoyable. From decluttering to learning a new language to running a race, employing gamification can make everything easier!

Discussion topics include:

  • Declutter Go! the new decluttering game that Janine’s friend Lynne Poulton has just launched
  • Shannon’s favorite gamifying language-learning app, Duolingo. She has used it 656 days in a row!
  • How Shannon took gamification to the next level by joining Duolingo Leagues
  • The impact Duolingo Leagues had on Shannon’s effort (she’s now in the top-tier Diamond League!)
  • How the extra gamification has allowed to Shannon to learn a lot more Portuguese
  • The game that got Shannon back into running after a car accident (Zombies, Run!)
  • To-Do List Bingo!
  • Remember: Fun and easy absolutely counts!
  • Gamifying anything

Note: In Portuguese, “Diamond League” is “Liga de Diamante”.

Here are a couples of photos of the new game Declutter Go!

DeclutterGo game box


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