Show Notes

Episode 240: Low-Hanging Fruit

Doing the easiest thing first (the low-hanging fruit) gets a bad rap. But it can actually make everything easier. In this episode Janine and Shannon discuss strategies around using low-hanging fruit to get stuff done.

Discussion topics include:

  • Low-hanging fruit counts!
  • How allowing yourself to address low-hanging fruit first can help you get started
  • Starting with something easy and stopping when it stops being easy
  • Shannon’s ingenious closet-cleaning method
  • How there’s always the lowest hanging fruit
  • Addressing low-hanging fruit in any situation
  • Low-hanging fruit in task management
  • Remembering that you don’t have to do everything at once
  • Counting every step (even the easiest step!)
  • Magical words: “Done for now”
  • Giving yourself credit for what you’re doing
  • Making sure your next action feels really doable (and if it doesn’t, scale it back or move on to something else)



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