Show Notes

Episode 241: Building a Buffer


Life can get so frazzled when you don’t build in buffers. In this episode Shannon and Janine discuss the value of buffers and some different ways you can build them into your life.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s current frustrations about her busy schedule
  • The culprit: She’s not scheduling the desk time she needs
  • How Janine gets cranky when her schedule is too full
  • Being realistic about what you can do in a day without feeling tired and cranky
  • How we are able do fewer things in a day as we get older
  • The importance of being aware that things needs to change
  • Different ways to build buffers in your life
  • The demoralizing effect of having things undone on your task list day after day
  • How arriving somewhere early is creating valuable time, not wasting time
  • Making a buffer non-negotiable
  • Shannon’s three-thing limit in her calendar and how she builds a buffer around that limit
  • Building a buffer when you don’t have complete control over your time
  • Delegation as a tool for building a buffer
  • Building a financial buffer (hooray for YNAB!)
  • Allowing a buffer of white space in your physical surroundings

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