Show Notes

Episode 143: Progress Not Perfection

Making progress, any progress, on a project is so much better than being paralyzed by perfectionism. This week Shannon and Janine discuss the many ways that it can benefit you to let go of perfectionism and make imperfect progress on those things you want to get done.

Discussion topics include:

  • How seeking perfectionism can be paralyzing
  • How Janine is experiencing this right now as she struggles to make progress on a slide deck for a presentation she is going to make
  • The benefit of creating an imperfect first draft so you can make it better (if you want)
  • Shannon’s idea that Janine might create a powerpoint and give herself permission not to use it
  • How it’s impossible to bring a creative project into the world in perfect form
  • Different kinds of progress, like getting started or coming up with a draft to improve upon
  • How several iterations are sometimes necessary in decluttering and organizing
  • How perfectionism can make it really hard to finish a project
  • Rewarding progress rather than waiting to reward until a project is completed
  • The way that rewards can help you keep going
  • How progress can be rewarding in and of itself
  • Taking a “progress not perfection” approach to doing taxes
  • Shannon’s happy surprise while doing her mother’s taxes
  • A diversion into a discussion of shoveling snow

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