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Episode 33: Closet Curation


Most people we meet have more clothes than they wear. When closets are crammed with unworn and unloved clothes, getting dressed (and putting away laundry) is difficult. In this episode, Shannon and Janine talk about curating your closet so it’s a pleasure to use and contains only clothes you love. This is a long episode–we just had so much to say!

Discussion topics include:

  • How most people we meet have some sort of struggle with their clothes
  • The domino effect of a crowded closet
  • The benefits of having a one in/one out policy in your closet
  • The joy and convenience of an uncrowded closet
  • Project 333, the minimalist clothing challenge
  • How Janine really likes wearing the same thing all the time
  • How Shannon had a uniform that she didn’t love–until she went to Stasia’s Style School
  • Janine and Shannon’s recent (painless) closet clean outs
  • Organizing clothes by color
  • Folding shirts like Marie Kondo (which Janine has been doing for many years)
  • How frequent travel can help you pare down your wardrobe
  • Shannon’s patented DIY closet-clearing method
  • Why all this matters and how perfectionism plays a part


2 thoughts on “Episode 33: Closet Curation”

  1. I think I may have listened to this podcast back in April when I was doing a Declutter Your Clothes Closet course online. I really liked the TedX Talk by Stasia Savasuk. Inspiring!

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