Show Notes

Episode 212: A Little at a Time

Shannon’s robust meal-planning and food inventorying system that she shared in Episode 209 wasn’t created in one fell swoop. In this episode we discuss how incremental problem solving can help you create systems that make you happy.

Discussion topics include:

  • Monarch butterflies!
  • How complex systems are often built a little at a time
  • How incremental problem solving led to Shannon’s system of inventorying her pantry and freezer and her meal-planning Trello board
  • A flashback to Deal A Meal
  • How Shannon uses Trello to store her recipes
  • Looking for the bottleneck that’s causing a problem and then addressing it
  • What’s the one thing that points you in the direction you want to go?
  • Adopting just part of the thing that sparks a little envy
  • Taking the emotions away from challenges
  • Be kind to yourself!



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