Show Notes

Episode 211: Running Early

Do you have a tendency to run late? Shannon and Janine used to run perpetually late, but no more. This week we discuss the strategies we’ve used to go from tardy to early (or at least on time).

Discussion topics include:

  • Our past challenges with punctuality
  • How perfectionism played into it
  • Taking into account all the time it takes to get somewhere (door to door)
  • Building in a 15-minute buffer in order to get places on time with ease
  • The life-changing value of calendar alerts
  • How easy it is to discount the time between getting ready to walk out the door and pulling away in your car
  • Janine’s realization that being early is not a waste of time
  • How easy it is for a built-in buffer to be used up
  • Calculating a standard amount of time needed before leaving the house so you get up early enough to ward off stress
  • Running early = self care
  • Considering the buffer you create as a gift to yourself
  • The only place a buffer isn’t needed: Walla Walla

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