Show Notes

Episode 213: Relieving Stress



We all get stressed from time to time, and some times are worse than others. In this episode Shannon and Janine discuss some stress-relief techniques, as well as some ideas for keeping stress levels low.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s litany of things that are stressing her out right now
  • Shannon’s husband’s recent surgery and its resulting stress
  • How we know feel stress in our bodies
  • Chronic vs acute stress
  • The terrific talk on stress relief that Janine heard from Kathy Willis of Lewis and Clark Community College’s Workforce Education, Solutions & Safety Training program
  • Kathy’s Stay or Go stress assessment tool
  • The power of recognizing those things you can change and those you can’t
  • The physiological changes in your body created by stress and relieved by breathing
  • Kathy’s breathing-while-counting technique
  • The importance of hydration, healthy eating and a good night’s sleep for relieving stress
  • Another stress reliever: Moving your body
  • Becoming aware of the stressors in your life and changing the way they affect you
  • The value of talking or writing about the things that stress you
  • Releasing yourself from perfectionism and being kind to yourself in order to lower your general stress levels
  • How keeping your stress levels low makes it easier to handle acute stressors
  • Recognizing that you do have a choice about things that stress you and letting that recognition relieve some of the stress


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