Show Notes

Episode 181: Slowing Down


Sometimes you have to slow down to actually get more done (and feel good). This week, Shannon and Janine (who recorded this episode in person together!) discuss the value of mindfully slowing down.

Discussion topics include:

  • The joy of recording an episode together in person
  • How we’ve both had experiences where not slowing down has created problems, as well as experiences where mindfully slowing down has been beneficial
  • Taking a breath and considering what really needs to happen next when you’re moving quickly (even though it feels counterintuitive)
  • The time Janine was running late to give a speech and turned the wrong way on a one-way street
  • How journaling can help
  • How traffic jams needn’t stress you out
  • Giving yourself a buffer to relieve stress around getting somewhere on time
  • Building in space to enjoy the most important things on vacation
  • Taking it to the next level: Having an unscheduled day when you’re on vacation
  • The value of knowing what’s important (once again)
  • The awesome Trello board Shannon built for her recent trip to NYC
  • Actually taking the day off on the weekend
  • How slowing down can be a state of mind
  • Redefining your goals during crunch times so you can feel good about what you achieve

Here’s the video of the Dowager Countess mystified by the concept of a weekend:



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