Show Notes

Episode 183: Taking a Break

Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. listeners! This week, Shannon and Janine discuss the value of taking a true break from things you do regularly. And announce that we’re walking the walk by taking a hiatus from the podcast for five weeks. (We’ll return on December 30.)

Discussion topics include:

  • We’re taking a break!
  • Our decision to take a podcast hiatus between Thanksgiving and the end of the year
  • The value of taking a real break to refresh and revitalize
  • Getting new things out of re-listening to podcast episodes (we think we have some good nuggets!)
  • Please send us ideas for topics for future episodes!
  • Stopping midstream to make it easier to come back to something
  • We encourage you to take a break from something you’re doing regularly without worry
  • Our feeling that whatever we gain from taking a break will far outweigh anything we might lose

Wishing you a great five weeks! We look forward to recording again in the new year!


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