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Episode 162: Competing Priorities – Part 2

In Episode 161, Janine and Shannon discussed some of the principles surrounding navigating competing priorities. In this follow-up episode we talk about some specific ways to choose between competing priorities.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s “pull my finger method” of deciding between competing options (also known as muscle testing)
  • How anticipating a response to muscle testing or flipping a coin–as well as how you feel when you get the result–can be revealing
  • Tapping your unconscious mind to make decisions
  • Understanding your internal yes and no signals
  • Janine’s enthusiasm for Shannon’s downloadable product, “Boring Change,” which can help harness your unconscious knowledge (consciously or unconsciously)
  • What our conscious vs unconscious mind can (or cannot) hold on to (spoiler alert: our unconscious mind might be more powerful than a supercomputer!)
  • Writing things down in order to get clarity
  • Shannon’s journaling cue: “What’s important for me to do next?”
  • Getting out of the headspace of “shoulds” and other people’s expectations and into the headspace of what’s important to you
  • How consequences of saying no are often less dire than you expect
  • Getting in touch with your why and core values to guide how you spend your time and energy
  • Paying attention to those times when you’re trying to talk yourself into a decision
  • The good old pro and con list
  • Recognizing that there isn’t a perfect choice



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