Show Notes

Episode 198: Trusting Yourself

Think of how much time we’d save if we trusted our intuition, rather than agonized over decisions. In this episode, brought to you by Wordle (kidding!), Janine and Shannon discuss how trusting yourself can benefit you in living your life, as well as playing games.

Discussion topics include:

  • The spontaneous nature of our podcast
  • What sparked this topic: Wordle
  • Shannon’s explanation of Wordle (for the uninitiated)
  • How we’re learning to trust our intuition while playing Wordle
  • How your first instinct is often right, or at least good enough
  • Trusting yourself: a productivity hack
  • Muscle testing to tap into your unconscious knowledge to make decisions
  • How it’s so much easier to let something come to mind than to try to force it
  • Shannon’s observation that the more reasons you try to give yourself that something is a good decision, the less likely the decision will work best for you
  • How we know more than we often give ourselves credit for
  • The reality of perfectionism paralysis
  • Thinking of trusting yourself as a practice
  • Approaching trusting yourself from a place of curiosity rather than trying to be right or wrong
  • Remember, you can always choose again until you land on what you want


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