Show Notes

Episode 161: Competing Priorities – Part 1

Choosing among competing priorities can be difficult under the best of circumstances. This week Shannon and Janine discuss the challenge of figuring out which things deserve your energy, particularly when you’re trying to get back on track after a crisis of some sort.

Discussion topics include:

  • A hilarious meme about people getting their words mixed up
  • How competing priorities are made more challenging by the summer and the opening up after the pandemic
  • Dealing with the back-burner items after things ease up
  • Taking care of yourself in the aftermath of challenging situations
  • Floating in a flotation tank as self care
  • Remembering the things you wanted to do when you didn’t have time to do them
  • Choosing among competing priorities
  • Being conscientious about how you use your energy
  • Letting go of “should” in favor of “want” or “need”
  • How something that had been considered self care sometimes isn’t the best thing to do for yourself
  • The difficulty of choosing when everything feels like it deserves your energy
  • The struggle to put your own priorities ahead of those of others
  • Cutting yourself some slack when things don’t go as planned
  • Choosing what you want to focus on during challenging times
Watch for Competing Priorities – Part 2 next week for some guidance on how to choose among competing priorities!

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