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Episode 163: How Do You Relax? (Redux)

In 2019, in Episode 46, Shannon and Janine discussed the importance of taking time to relax and not letting perfectionism get in the way. Fast forward two years and the topic seems more relevant than ever, so we’re re-running the episode.

Relaxing is so important. Even during our busiest times, taking time to relax can keep us more productive. This week, Janine and Shannon talk about the importance of relaxation, how they relax and how perfectionism can get in the way of relaxing.

Discussion topics include:

  • How Shannon and Janine relax
  • The challenge in prioritizing relaxation
  • Reading as relaxation
  • Janine’s love for Yogi Soothing Caramel Tea (and the fact that Shannon hates it)
  • The two types of relaxing: mental and physical
  • Shannon’s tricky workaround for her current inability to go cycling: an E-Bike!
  • One of Janine and Shannon’s favorite relaxation activities: floating in a flotation tank
  • How perfectionism can get in the way of relaxing
  • Repeat TV watching as a safe relaxation choice
  • Thinking about the kind of experience you want in your relaxation
  • Yoga as a mentally and physically relaxing activity
  • Shannon’s meditation/napping combination, “Napitation”
  • How it’s especially important to take time to relax when you’re stressed
  • The fact that taking time to relax can help you be more productive
  • Keeping a relaxation list to make it even easier to relax
Shannon’s new relaxation (& happiness) generator-an ebike!


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