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Episode 160: Three Pillars for Three Years

We’re celebrating our podcast’s third anniversary! This week, in honor of their three years of podcasting, Janine and Shannon discuss the three pillars that underlie Getting to Good Enough. Discussion topics include:

  • The podcast’s third anniversary!
  • How the podcast has helped us (and, we hope, others)
  • How far we’ve come, when it comes to letting go of perfectionism, thanks to the podcast
  • The three pillars of getting to good enough:
    • Pillar One: Done is better than perfect
    • Pillar Two: Know your why
    • Pillar Three: Good enough is good enough
  • Our working definition of a perfectionist: Someone who spends more time on a task than it merits
  • How perfectionism can get in the way of getting things done (both starting and finishing projects)
  • The perils of wanting to “get it right”
  • The value of a good-enough attitude to get you started on something and help you finish it
  • How there are a many ways to get things right
  • A prevailing theme of this podcast: Identifying why something is important to you to help you understand where good enough lies.
  • Shannon’s experience in building a house: The sum of a whole lot of good-enough decisions resulted in something really special.
  • The difficulty of letting go and being okay with good enough when you’re living in the perfectionism zone
  • Good enough: A muscle you need to stretch rather than flex
  • The value of practicing embracing good enough now so that it’s available to you when you’re under stress

Please join us in celebrating!

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