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Episode 159: Relinquishing Control

It can be so frustrating when you don’t have control over things in your life. This week Shannon and Janine discuss relinquishing your desire for control over things you can’t control. It’s a recipe for living with more satisfaction and less frustration.

Discussion topics include:

  • The frustration we can feel about not having control over things
  • Focusing on the things we do have control over
  • The feeling of control over our money that YNAB gives us
  • How feeling you’re not in control can be particularly difficult for people who struggle with perfectionism
  • One particular frustration: Lack of control over other people’s behavior or responses
  • What you actually have control over: How you react to other people’s behavior or responses
  • Negotiating tricky spousal issues, particularly in relationships between perfectionists and non-perfectionists
  • How this is really about relinquishing your desire for control
  • Shannon’s experience building a house and how relinquishing her desire for control over everything allowed her to get the project done
  • The utility of deciding upfront that she would not micromanage the project
  • The mechanism Shannon used to make all the house-building decisions easier
  • Letting go of control when you’re delegating tasks
  • The value of knowing why your outcome is important to help you pinpoint those things you don’t need to control
  • Happy third anniversary to the podcast!
  • Communicating clearly to try to get the response you want



2 thoughts on “Episode 159: Relinquishing Control”

  1. I think this is a timely issue. I finally decided to hire a garden designer to work with on adding more lawn and using easy but attractive perennials, and it is a new experience working with someone else. I am also having difficulty visualizing hiring cleaning help because I am used to doing it my own way, but I am getting to the place where I need help.

  2. Those are great examples of where relinquishing control can be very beneficial. Thanks so much for commenting!

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