Show Notes

Episode 208: A Fourth Pillar for Our Fourth Year

It’s the podcast’s fourth anniversary! We published our first three episodes on June 15, 2018. On our third anniversary, we published a post called Three Pillars for Three years and this year we decided to add a fourth pillar for our fourth anniversary. It’s Let It Be Easy, and it’s focus of our episode today.

Discussion topics include:

  • Our fourth anniversary!
  • The three pillars of good enough that we identified for our third anniversary
  • The supreme value of knowing your why
  • The “fruit and flower anniversary”
  • The fourth pillar: Let It Be Easy
  • How we embraced ease in creating this podcast
  • How Let It Be Easy now feels beneficial to Shannon, rather than like cheating
  • Incorporating Let It Be Easy into challenges
  • Shannon’s decision to seek some help in her challenge of walking 175 miles in Portugal this fall
  • How we embraced Let It Be Easy by recording shorter episodes
  • Letting it be easy in bullet journaling


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