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Episode 118: Trello for Task Management

Both Janine and Shannon have bounced around using various task-management systems over the years. But Janine’s been using a specific Trello task-management  board every day now for the past four months and is bursting with excitement to talk about it. Shannon’s using it too and in this episode we break down the benefits of the Daily Task Management Trello board.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s excitement over her Trello task management system and how she cajoled Shannon into trying it
  • The importance of setting up the system so that it’s easy to use
  • The secret sauce of this system: Trello’s Butler automation
  • Janine’s description of her system and the automations involved
  • Shannon’s favorite part of the system: It shoots confetti when you accomplish something!
  • The power of the confetti
  • Some of the automations that Janine uses
  • The downside to the intense use of automations: Janine had to upgrade to Trello Business Class and now pays $10 a month (but she thinks it’s worth it!)
  • How perfectionism made Shannon reluctant to try out the system
  • The visual nature of this system that has allowed Shannon to resist going back to pen and paper
  • The power of getting credit for doing your daily tasks
  • The iOS shortcut that allows for easy entry of new tasks from the phone, which make this system so viable
  • How this system feels like one that will stick (though it’s completely reasonable if it doesn’t)
Note from Shannon: I discovered a way to keep my Trello board on my iPad and still get confetti! I use my iPad as an auxiliary screen for my computer and move the Trello board on the desktop app to the iPad screen.

3 thoughts on “Episode 118: Trello for Task Management”

  1. I skipped ahead to listen to this episode as I am always looking for ways to manage my to-do list. I have it set up but it didn’t move my cards overnight. Is there something I have to do to have that happen? I don’t really understand the automation part. Does it come with the template, or is it an add-on?

    1. Christy, I just saw this. I apologize–my travels have thrown everything out of whack. Shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to help you with the automation part. It doesn’t come with the template; you have to set it up. In the template is a link to a blog post written by the guy created the template showing you how. But I’m happy to help.

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