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Episode 117: Setting Boundaries


Setting boundaries allows you to live a life based on your core values. This week, Shannon and Janine discuss getting in touch with what’s important to you as a way to help you set boundaries that ensure you’re doing the things that align with your why. They use a recent real-life example to illustrate how they recently benefited from boundary setting.

Discussion topics include:

  • How it can be hard for people-pleasing perfectionists to set boundaries
  • How boundaries can help ensure that you’re doing the thing that most aligns with your why
  • The keystone of the getting-to-good-enough mentality: getting in touch with what’s important to you
  • How Janine and Shannon harnessed our boundary-setting skills to make an invitation to present together work for us
  • Our surprise that there were no objections from the program organizer to our request for an informal presentation
  • How strange it feels sometimes to podcast without video
  • The many ways it can be useful to get comfortable setting good-enough boundaries
  • Getting in touch with what’s important to you as a guideline for setting boundaries
  • Letting go of a fear of missing out or disappointing people with your boundaries
  • How having boundaries can save you from committing to something you can’t follow through on
  • Remembering that when you pass on something you don’t like to do, you’re giving an opportunity to someone who does like to do it
  • Considering boundaries as gutter bumpers that keep you headed in the direction you want to go
  • Shannon’s sweet spot in bowling (there’s beer involved)


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