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Episode 119: Process vs Product

For some people, the process of doing something is more important than the finished product and for other folks it’s the other way around. This week Shannon and Janine discuss process vs product and how it might be helpful to look at it from the other perspective.

Discussion topics include:

  • The inspiration for this episode: a story about a ceramics teacher who graded half the class on quantity and the other half on quality
  • The surprising result: The highest quality work came from the people who were graded on quantity
  • How being on the process (quantity) side might get you where you want to go more easily than being on the product (quality) side.
  • Process vs product in knitting
  • The Mystery Knit Along project that Janine is knitting
  • How sometimes the product is the process
  • How it can be useful to engage in the process even if you are not sure of the product or sure that you can achieve the quality that you want
  • Janine’s fervent love for You Need a Budget (YNAB) and how it took her awhile to get there
  • The value of noticing whether you’re thinking about what you want to do as process vs product, then consider it the other way around
  • How process vs product isn’t a matter of good or bad, it’s just a matter of what works for you


3 thoughts on “Episode 119: Process vs Product”

  1. Janine and Shannon, will you please fix a link for me? When I click on Episode 109 in the long list of episodes, it takes me to Episode 119. Just a little glitch on your end — probably a typo.

  2. I have heard the story about the ceramics class before. The moment I heard that he broke the class into two segments, I knew that the quantity folks would win the day. You can’t do something over and over again without getting better at it, ***provided*** you learn from your mistakes.

    I really need to try YNAB.

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