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Episode 126: Choosing Imperfection

The notion of choosing imperfection (rather than striving for perfection) is counter-intuitive to folks with perfectionistic tendencies. But it can be a helpful way to approach things. In this episode Janine and Shannon discuss the benefits of choosing imperfection and the joys of welcoming imperfection into our lives.

Discussion topics include:

  • How Janine chose imperfection when she made a flyer recently
  • The lasting impact of the confetti reward in our Trello task management boards
  • How choosing imperfection allowed Shannon to start communicating regularly with her email list subscribers
  • How Janine has chosen imperfection in her monthly newsletter for more than a dozen years with no ill effects
  • The fact that inaction, as well as imperfection, can sometimes be a choice
  • How Shannon is choosing inaction (as well as imperfection) when it comes to her creaky old website
  • How this topic relates to Janine’s childhood garage burning down
  • Requiring imperfection in our upcoming Zoom presentation, “The Power of Enough”
  • The joy of welcoming imperfection into our lives
  • Choosing imperfection in Shannon’s Vote Forward letters
  • The value of choosing imperfection before starting a project rather than settling for it at the end of a project


1 thought on “Episode 126: Choosing Imperfection”

  1. The last year “plus” has really had an effect on me as I find it easier to choose imperfection than before. I am time-boxing tasks and giving myself permission to do the best I can in that amount of time. At the end, I review, and you know what? It’s not bad at all!

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