Show Notes

Episode 227: Making Tough Choices Easier

We make so many choices each and every day and some are way more important than others. In this episode, Shannon and Janine discuss saving your brain power for the tougher choices and some strategies for making those choices easier.

Discussion topics include:

  • The executive functioning drain of having so many choices to make
  • Letting as many decisions as possible being easy
  • Saving your executive function for the critical decisions
  • Making choices in advance
  • Janine’s recent 30-day dress challenge (she wore two striped dresses at the same time!)
  • Limiting choices to make decisions easier
  • Shannon’s no-brainer breakfast
  • The benefit of daily habits
  • A deep dive into overnight oats
  • Saving your brain power for consequential decisions (like health insurance)
  • Breaking down big decisions into smaller bites
  • Figuring out what aspects of an important decision are most important to you to narrow down the options
  • Optimizers vs satisficers
  • Letting go of the idea that you have to make the best choice
  • The article on overcoming choice overload that inspired this episode (thank you, Elise!)

Here’s a picture of Janine wearing her two striped dresses together. (The bottom one was the one she wore daily for 30 days.)


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