Show Notes

Episode 228: Managing Mistakes

We all make mistakes. And sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to mitigate those mistake, especially if you let perfectionism get in the way. This week, Janine and Shannon discuss a Big Mistake Janine made and how she dealt with it, extracting some lessons for us all.

Discussion topics include:

  • The mistake Janine made in buying discounted postage stamps and recommending them to her newsletter readers
  • How she tried to rectify the mistake by sending another email to her newsletter readers warning them about the potential for counterfeit stamps
  • One lesson: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • Minimizing the amount of time spent dealing with mistakes
  • Apologizing and moving on
  • Rectifying mistakes without causing any harm (even to yourself)
  • Letting mistakes be a learning opportunity
  • Trying to avoid making the mistake again without creating convoluted systems
  • How beating yourself up over a mistake doesn’t help
  • Resisting the temptation to fix inconsequential mistakes
  • People appreciate when you admit mistakes!
  • Being gracious when other people make mistakes
  • Assuming good intentions
  • Being kind to yourself and others when it comes to mistakes


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