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Episode 226: Letting the Holidays Be Easy (Redux)

It’s officially winter holiday season, which can be stressful for many people. We want to help our listeners let it be easy! This week, we’re re-running Episode 28, which we originally recorded for the 2018 holiday season. Our wish for you for this holiday season is less stress and more joy.

The holiday season can be really hard on perfectionists, who often want to do it all and do it right. This week Shannon and Janine talk about making it easier for perfectionists to let the holidays be easy.

Discussion topics include:

  • How “shoulds” can get in the way of enjoying the holidays
  • Janine’s truly simple holiday traditions
  • Choosing the elements of the holidays that are doable
  • The time-saving benefits of holiday cookie exchanges
  • How the December holidays can be challenging for perfectionists
  • How Shannon creates the holidays she wants (including this year’s Thanksgiving of giving)
  • Embracing good enough to make holidays easier
  • How giving clutter-free gifts helps the recipient and makes gift-giving easier
  • A special clutter-free gift idea from special guest Miranda Adams, Janine’s niece
  • Giving the gift of experiences or services, rather than stuff
  • Choosing a theme word to capture the essence of what you want for the season to use as a guidepost to help you make choices
  • Starting earlier on holiday tasks to avoid the stress of last-minute activities


  • Minted, the awesome service Janine uses to personalize, print and address her holiday cards (that’s an affiliate link)
  • Care, the charity gift-giving service Miranda mentioned

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