Show Notes

Episode 225: Cultivating Contentment

Being content with your life is something most of us strive for. And it’s so within our reach. This week Shannon and Janine discuss ways to be cultivate contentment while still being open to change.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s unremarkable but happy-making dog walk
  • Noticing the things that are enjoyable and going well
  • Paying attention to problems vs consciously focusing on the things that are okay
  • Feeling gratitude even during adversity
  • The value of a gratitude practice
  • Shannon’s happiness-inducing hummingbird feeder
  • Asking yourself “What else could this mean?” when something goes awry
  • How Janine and Shannon feel fortunate to be glass-half-full people
  • Aspiring for better while also feeling content
  • Remember: Feeling content doesn’t mean you’re giving up
  • Allowing yourself to be content where you are while you consider how you might like things to be different

Here’s a photo of Shannon’s beautiful cat, Cleo, in the bed Janine knit for her:


Shannon’s blog post, De-stress without meaning


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