Show Notes

Episode 207: Everyday Eldercare

Shannon and Janine have experienced first-hand the challenges (and rewards) of caring for elderly parents. In this episode (recorded right after Janine returned from helping her father move into assisted living), we discuss ways to make it easier to help your elderly relatives when they need your help.

Note: We had some audio difficulties with this episode, but felt the topic was important enough to publish anyway.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s journey with her father’s diminishing memory
  • Shannon’s reflection on the bonding time with her mother after she moved to assisted living
  • Janine’s good fortune that her father has a sweet and sunny personality
  • Allowing people with memory issues to talk without correcting them
  • Stepping into a larger role with our parents
  • How calling her father daily is self-care for Janine
  • The joy of getting past dreaded events
  • Giving your elders and yourself peace of mind
  • Handling elders’ finances
  • Using YNAB to help elderly relatives
  • Using the term “back up plan” to help elderly relatives accept help with finances
  • Taking over finances sooner rather than later (or laying the groundwork)
  • Helping elders feel independent
  • Keeping communication open
  • Discussing final arrangements with elderly parents in advance
  • Making your own decisions about your estate (now!)
  • Having conversations about family history with elderly relatives while you can
  • Letting go of the idea that there is a perfect way to help your elders
  • How any effort you make to help is better than no effort
  • Deciding what family member will be the responsible party for an elderly family member
  • Janine’s enthusiasm for the final season of This Is Us


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