Show Notes

Episode 206: Financial Peace (Redux)

Back in 2020, Janine and Shannon had a robust conversation about our passion for the budgeting software You Need a Budget (YNAB). Our enthusiasm has not dimmed in the slightest, so we wanted to run it again. 

Money is a source of stress for so many people. One tool that both Janine and Shannon use to help them take the stress out of money and create financial peace is the software You Need a Budget (YNAB). Shannon is a YNAB master! In this episode we discuss YNAB and other strategies for creating financial peace. (And Shannon offers to help any listener who needs help with YNAB!)

Discussion topics include:

  • The key to Shannon’s financial peace: YNAB (You Need a Budget) software
  • Rule 1 with YNAB: Give each dollar a job!
  • How YNAB can help you manage an irregular income by creating a buffer
  • Budgeting for next month’s expenses
  • Shannon’s addiction to interacting with her money every day in YNAB (it takes less than 15 minutes!)
  • Budgeting for annual expenses monthly to eliminate big surprise payments
  • How YNAB can help create peace in relationships when people share money
  • Reading a book about YNAB vs trying it out first
  • How Janine is pairing YNAB and Quickbooks to help her stay on top of her bookkeeping
  • The peace that comes with being on top of your money
  • Using to help with debt payoff
  • How YNAB can help with automatic credit card payments
  • Shannon’s offer to help out anyone who’s trying out YNAB in our Facebook group
  • A strategy for creating a buffer so that this month’s income pays next month’s expenses
  • Making money feel supportive rather than stressful

Note: Since this was recorded two and a half years ago, Janine has achieved the financial peace she sought, thanks to YNAB. She is now debt-free and happily handles four budgets daily. She is grateful for YNAB (and Shannon’s YNAB mentorship) literally every day.


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