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Episode 202: Acting on Good Impulses (Redux)

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re not able to publish a new episode this week. Instead, we’re rerunning this episode, which we originally published on February 13, 2020. Enjoy!

Good people (like our listeners) have many good impulses. But how often do you act on them? This week, Shannon and Janine discuss how perfectionism can get in the way of acting on new impulses and how you can get past that.

Discussion topics include:

  • Our excitement over breaking into the top 100 Health & Fitness podcasts in Poland! (And that we’re still on the quest for a listener in Antarctica.)
  • How perfectionism can stop some people from acting on their good impulses
  • The fact that it really is the thought that counts and most people just want to be remembered–they don’t care how.
  • The story that sparked this episode topic: how Shannon was able to soothe a little girl at a coffee shop (and the cartoon she drew of it)
  • How it’s so easy to censor yourself and not act on the impulse to help others
  • One easy way to make someone’s day: Give directions to someone who appears lost
  • The complexity of Shannon’s neighborhood that allows her to help many lost people
  • How Shannon’s picking up of garbage on her training walks started as a good impulse
  • Making it easy for yourself to act on good impulses
  • The challenge of letting go of perfectionism around acting on good impulses
  • How perfectionism can really trip us up on writing thank-you notes


  • Shannon’s post on Instagram with the cartoon she drew of her interaction with Mia
  • Our official podcast photo (look for the map of Shannon’s neighborhood on the t-shirt hanging on the wall behind Janine’s shoulder)

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