Show Notes

Episode 203: Travel in 2022

Travel in 2022 feels very different from travel in 2020 (or 2019, for that matter). In this episode Janine and Shannon discuss planning travel in this time and letting of perfectionism around it.

Discussion topics include:

  • Some differences between travel earlier in the pandemic and now
  • Shannon’s plans to walk the Camino in Portugal (canceled in 2020)
  • How Shannon is planning to do more pre-planning for the 2022 version of this trip
  • Hiring a professional to help make things easier
  • Janine’s hearty recommendation of using a Disney Travel Planner
  • Reducing “adventure” in favor of security
  • Getting in touch with what’s important to you to let go of travel-planning perfectionism
  • Allowing yourself creature comforts when traveling
  • How any planning you do now will benefit you later if you have to cancel
  • The security of making travel plans that can be canceled without penalty
  • Shannon’s excitement to see MacBeth and Janine’s antipathy for Shakespeare
  • Janine’s upcoming trip to Walla Walla to move her dad to assisted living

Note: We apologize for the audio problems in this episode. We’re trying to get to the bottom of it but in the meantime we hope you feel that it’s good enough.


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