Show Notes

Episode 200: Our 200th Episode!

This is our 200th episode and we’re so proud! This week Janine and Shannon celebrate our 200th episode and discuss some of the benefits of talking about (and embracing) good enough week after week.

Discussion topics include:

  • Happy anniversary to us!
  • How talking about “good enough” for years has made us better at it
  • The liberation of embracing good enough
  • Shannon’s evolution toward good enough since episode 1
  • The real shift: Feeling good about good enough
  • Another benefit to good enough: It creates space for possibility
  • Building ease + less stress into our lives through embracing good enough
  • How talking about this topic week after week has really embedded it in our lives
  • How letting our podcast be good enough has worked out well for us
  • Our criteria for continuing: We’ll do it as long as it’s fun and if we help one person each week (besides us) we’ll feel successful
  • Our plea to let us know if there are any topics you’d like us to elaborate on
  • How we’d love to hear from readers how listening has helped you let go of perfectionism

Thank you so much for listening!

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