Show Notes

Episode 186: Word of the Year

Janine and Shannon have been selecting a Word of the Year for years. In this episode we reveal our 2022 Words of the Year and discuss the power of having a special word to guide you each year.

Discussion topics include:

  • The weather. Spoiler alert: It’s cold but our electric cars started up like the champs they are!
  • Janine’s love of having a Word of the Year–she’s had one every year since at least 2013
  • The mistake Janine made in 2019 by selecting three words of the year
  • Christine Kane’s Word of the Year selection tool
  • Shannon’s 2022 Word of the Year: Encourage
  • Janine’s 2022 Word of the Year: Generosity
  • Our excitement over adding categories to our YNAB budgets based on our words
  • How having a Word of the Year helps you frame your decisions and priorities
  • The adhesive power of a really good Word of the Year
  • The Word of the Year selection process from Cultivate What Matters
  • Choosing a word that helps you move toward, rather than away, from something
  • Words of the Year designed to help yourself vs help others
  • Trying on a prospective Word of the Year for size


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