Show Notes

Episode 187: Letting Go of Regret

We all know how bad regret can feel. But did you know you can turn it around? In this episode Shannon and Janine discuss how to glean the learnings from a situation and then let go of the regret. And Shannon demonstrates the process on Janine, helping her let go of regret around catching COVID.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine testing positive for COVID
  • Janine’s regret over letting her guard down by going to a restaurant
  • Shannon’s process for letting go of regret
  • Taking Janine through the process to help her let go of regret over how she thinks she caught Omicron
  • Why regret exists: To keep you from making the same mistake in the future
  • Taking it that extra step: Ask yourself “What can I learn from this to make it easy to let go of the regret?”
  • Recognizing the positive intention of the regret
  • Looking for additional learning in the situation
  • Janine’s COVID silver linings
  • By the end of the process, Janine let go of her regrets! (Regret she didn’t even realize she had.)
  • Shannon’s process for letting go of regret (we invite you to try it!):
    • Identify the thing that you are feeling regret about
    • Ask yourself what you can learn from it or what is important for you to take forward from the experience. You can ask, “What’s the positive intention of the regret?”
    • Keep checking in with yourself until the regret is gone (“What else do I need to know to allow me to let go of this regret?”)
  • Applying this to all sorts of regrets, including not sticking with your resolutions

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