Show Notes

Episode 185: We’re back!


After six weeks off, Shannon and Janine are happy to be back recording a podcast episode. We missed our weekly conversations! In this episode, we discuss some of the ways we benefited from taking a break.

Discussion topics include:

  • We’re back after our hiatus!
  • Our mixed feelings about our break
  • The beneficial rhythm of regular podcasting
  • It turns out we’re out-of-sight out-of-mind people!
  • How being actively involved with the podcast on a weekly basis makes life easier
  • Shannon’s hope to come up with some touchstones during a future hiatus in order to be more mindful with the time that is saved
  • The possibility of scheduling time during the next hiatus to discuss topic ideas or do other things to stay more connected to the podcast
  • How we’ve both missed podcasting (and how we’re glad about that)
  • Weekly tasks as an anchor for the week and the passage of time
  • How a break can help you purposefully choose whether you want to keep doing things the same way or do something differently
  • Our gratitude for our show notes to remind us what we have talked about
  • A diversion into a brief discussion of Jeopardy! and life without cable TV

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