Show Notes

Episode 180: When to Say When

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when to tolerate a situation or when to say it’s not good enough and walk away. In this episode Janine and Shannon discuss how make that call, along with some techniques for standing up for yourself and getting the results you want.

Discussion topics include:

  • A trip down memory lane at travel practices of yesteryear
  • Figuring out when enough is enough
  • Shannon’s recent NYC Airbnb experience that caused her to take a stand and reject an unacceptable situation
  • The minimum requirements Shannon set up for the room that replaced the unacceptable Airbnb
  • Shannon’s concerns about making the situation worse (when the reverse turned out to be true)
  • How to figure out when to say when: Get in touch with what’s important to you (a common refrain!)
  • Shannon’s surprise at how much stress was relieved by her leaving the unpleasant accommodation
  • Walking away from a restaurant that takes too much time to seat and serve you water
  • Recognizing what you are willing to tolerate versus what you don’t need to tolerate
  • Janine’s rental car experience that started with her trying to stand up for herself and ended with her accepting a good-enough car
  • How it can be difficult to know how assertive to be
  • The strategy that works for us: Be as nice as possible to people while being assertive
  • How being very nice to the ticket agent resulted in Shannon flying first class on the last leg of her trip home from New Zealand
  • Remembering that customer service personnel almost always want to make you happy

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