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Episode 153: Helping Your Future Self

Thinking about future you can help your present self get unstuck. In this episode Shannon and Janine discuss some strategies for letting go of perfectionism and taking action in ways that your future self will thank you for.

Discussion topics include:

  • How decisions can become easier when we think about our future selves
  • Embracing good enough now so your future self will thank you
  • How Shannon let go of efficiency in favor of considering her future self by immediately processing any documents related to her mother’s estate
  • Janine’s new YNAB-fueled bookkeeping routines that helped her future self at tax time
  • Janine’s filthy keyboard and how her future self would appreciate her cleaning it
  • Our advice: Think about future you when you’re paralyzed by perfectionism
  • Scheduling a vacation to benefit your future self
  • Booking services now, rather than waiting until the perfect time
  • How thinking of your future self can shift your perspective enough to allow you take action
  • Considering your elderly future self
  • Helping your future self by making and freezing meals
  • Helping your morning self by deciding in advance what to do first thing in the morning
  • Janine’s hand-lettered task list

Note from Janine: I cleaned my keyboard the very day we recorded this episode! A Kirkland brand scrubby disinfecting wipe did the trick. Look at these before and after pictures, taken just ten minutes apart. It’s such a relief to have a clean keyboard!


Grubby keyboard before picture


Clean keyboard after picture

Here’s a photo of one of Janine’s task maps, which makes getting to work more fun:

task map



  • Shannon’s blog post: Thank You Me From the Past. (Bonus: It contains a link to the honey-ginger-lemon concoction we talk about in the episode)

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