Show Notes

Episode 152: Practicing Being Present

It’s so easy to live in the past and the future without really being in the present. This week, Janine and Shannon discuss how to practice being present. Shannon shares tips and techniques for practicing mindfulness, while Janine (who has been wanting to cultivate mindfulness) soaks it all in.

Discussion topics include:

  • An update on Shannon’s car-buying journey (Spoiler Alert: they bought a car!)
  • Janine’s need to be more mindful
  • Remembering to be present
  • Shifting your attention toward being mindful by focusing on your breath or doing a body scan
  • Practicing being present now, not in the future
  • Inviting your unconscious mind to scan the sidewalk and be aware of what is coming up to avoid tripping during walks or runs
  • Reminding yourself what you want to pay attention to (not what you DON’T want to pay attention to)
  • Another mindfulness technique: matching your breathing with your steps when taking a walk
  • Integrating mindfulness into things that are happening naturally
  • Turning chores into an opportunity to practice mindfulness
  • How practicing mindfulness isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition
  • Avoiding perfectionism in practicing being present
  • Remembering that this takes continual practice
  • The practice: check in with yourself, pay attention to your breath, be in your body and choose what you do next

Update from Janine: In the two weeks since we recorded this episode, I have remembered to implement two of Shannon’s suggestions. I ask my unconscious mind to be aware of uneven sidewalks so I don’t trip. And most days, I pause before entering the kitchen in the morning to remember to be mindful. Both techniques have been really helpful!

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