Show Notes

Episode 150: Creating Helpful Work Boundaries

In this, our 150th episode (!), Janine and Shannon discuss how easy it is to blur the boundaries between work and home life, particularly when working from home. We talk about some strategies to help create helpful work boundaries to make our work and home lives more distinct (and more enjoyable).

Discussion topics include:

  • Our 150th episode!
  • Janine’s lament over the fact that she seems to be always working
  • Shannon’s working beach trip that could have been improved with better boundaries
  • What she wished she’d done: Get clear up front–and have a clear list–about what work felt important to do while she was at the beach
  • The value of time blocking for boundaries
  • Janine’s simplified version of her daily task management that she uses when traveling to be clear on what work she needs to do
  • The blurred lines between work and personal life when working from home
  • The difficulty in turning off work when technology makes it accessible 24/7
  • Creating rituals to end the work day (and make starting the next day easier)
  • How putting a stop to the work day can actually make you a more effective worker
  • The challenge of having natural working rhythms that don’t coincide with the family’s
  • Creating mental and physical boundaries that separate work and personal time

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