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Episode 149: Making Thoughtful Choices

It can be challenging to make thoughtful choices–whether they’re large or small decisions. In this episode, Shannon shares a process that she uses to make decisions and how it helped she and her husband decide whether or not to buy a new car. (Spoiler alert: They decided not to!) This simple process can be helpful in all sorts of situations.

Discussion topics include:

  • The two important questions that are basis of this process: (1) What problem are you trying to solve as you make a choice? and (2) What are you hoping to gain?
  • How Shannon and her husband disagreed about whether or not to buy a car because they were coming at it with different goals
  • How once they figured out what they were trying to achieve, the question became much more clear
  • The adorable car that Mike decided to wait for: The 2024 electric Volkswagen Microbus
  • Pressing pause on spending until you can make a thoughtful decision
  • How this process can apply to any decision, not just financial ones
  • Separating complicated decisions into smaller components
  • Applying the process to decluttering projects, like Shannon’s bar/cookbook nook that she just decluttered
  • Another application of this process: deciding whether to take a course


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